Sunday, August 7, 2011

We simply can't hold politicians or judges to account when they screw up- why ?

Want to control politicians from destroying your country ? “We the people own our government and so require that any person within that structure are fully accountable to a jury for any breach of fiduciary duty of care”...under the current system we simply can't hold politicians or judges to account when they screw up.

As Professor Loughlin, has observed, for example, governments of a modern representative democratic character do not in any strict sense express the popular will. Rather, he states, it would be more accurate to say that the people merely select from among the competitors those who will take the political decisions. Representative democracy sanctions a mode of government by elites, subject only to the often inadequate form of retrospective accountability.

 Our politicians have total control over human rights. 
Is their zero accountability causing the problems in this world?  
Is accountability of those who control us a human right we all deserve? 
After all, we the people own government.
Or are we to accept our leaders can use their power to make mistakes that creates victims  and nothing is going to be done about it?

If we used a jury system to hold our leaders to account you could design a system  to stop every nut case taking a shot at a politician such as- prove your claim of breach of fiduciary duty to at least 10 legal experts- then that gets you time before a jury ex-parte from say the Minister ( not to take up his time) although he could have a brief there on his behalf- but if you prove to the jury there is a case to answer then you get an order to serve on the Minister who has 30 days to respond. If he fails then you can go to another jury and get an order to have the Minister's Crown warrant removed. That is the only way to hold them to account.